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Distorted Balloon Girl

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In this release, #TheSockKing pays tribute to the great Banksy and his world famous Balloon Girl artwork.

In this twist of the famed artwork, #TheSockKing adds his own twists and distorts to the very limited sock.......

With only a very limited number of pairs available, each one has been individually customized to give it its own personality.

First, each pair has the "Distorted Face" distinctly and uniquely hand painted on each sock. Each face on each sock will be drastically different from the other.

Second, each pair has been splattered by drops of Vintage Malbec wine giving each sock a distinct wine tarnished look that's never been done on socks before!!!

Third, each pair has been dabbed with bleach to give it the "Distorted Wash" look. This makes the socks have a worn out vintage style, making it a true Distorted Pair!!! 

Fourth, each pair also has paint splattered and spray painted in various areas giving it another level of uniqueness.

Finally, some of these socks have been marked by ashes from the Notorious Sock King Fire Pit!!! Not all will have this distinction which means some lucky owners will have that extra layer of Customization!!!!


Never Be Plain 


***For washing please hand wash in cold water and air dry***